Why Us

Why Purple Turtle

As per studies, the maximum development of brain takes place between 0 to 8 years of age..close to 80%!

Overall Development
Language Skills
Social & Emotional Skills
Cognitive Skill & Problem Solving
Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Which means that many aspects of an individual’s personality are formed right at the time the children go to their very first school-a preschool. That is absolutely the reason why you need to choose the best! Purple Turtle is not just a pre-school, but an effort to create children who are not crammers, but who can think and apply what they learn - who can learn and articulate great language skills, impressive analytical and cognitive skill, are extremely agile due to well developed motor skills and lastly-the need of the hour; the children with excellent social skills through loads of stage exposure and group activities.

Purple Turtle has been conceptualized after a lot of research on child development. It comes from a trusted brand-in the education field for 10 years.

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