About Us

About Purple Turtle

India’s leading pre-school programme which works on all the skills of the children simultaneously to produce all-rounder children. The different hues indicate different skills being developed among the children.


To teach the children not just to study but to learn through play, inquiry and acquire 21st century skills.


To make our children empathetic, strong willed yet grounded


To inculcate a positive and willing attitude among the Purple Turtians!

Our Vision

21st century skill development among pre-schoolers.

Globally Ready

To integrate Indian values with internationalism and a global vision. The schools work on international values through partnerships with teachers from other countries.


A state of the art infrastructure which makes the children want to come to school everyday! To have have many skill-wise colourful learning areas rather than just classrooms! Purple Turtle has activity rooms with a reading area, a stage and puppetry area and a fine motor area so that within a span of a day, all the skills of a child are being worked on.

The activity Room has a smart board and lots of gross motor equipment for play. Every centre has a splash pool and lots of sensorial equipment for children’s senses and eye-hand coordination.

Purple Turtle is a place children love to come to everyday. It has colour, vibrance and has everything the children adore. The centre has been created for all-round development of the children. Every room has a little speaking area and lots of equipment, so that the children can listen carefully and develop phonetic speech. In the activity rooms, children learn to develop other skills.

We believe

That all children are gifted. We just need to empower each one of them in the area they excel in. Purple Turtle believes in doing that!

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