The Purple Turtle Curriculum

The school has a well defined curriculum based on the Harvard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, hence the teaching and evaluation of the children are completely based on the individual learning styles without comparing one child with another in any area. We do not follow the age-old rigid syllabus wherein as soon a child enters the pre-school, he/she is handed a pencil and made to write pages and pages, without a thought on what is being understood. At Purple Turtle, we understand the developmental milestones, i.e. the expected stages the children need to go through and hence our lesson plans are based totally on those; starting the writing process with air and sand writing and the speaking/reading process with Phonics. Children are explained concepts with hands-on experiences and a lot of visual and audio inputs. The language teaching through phonics ensures that the pronunciation and listening skills are given adequate practice everyday.

There are other activities like dance, music, martial arts, yoga and age-appropriate games which ensure an all-round development of the children.

Ensuring the delivery of our curriculum
Trained & Smart Purple Turtle Team

The trained & smart Purple Turtle team is trained on Phonics & skill based teaching and provided with daily lesson plans so that there is uniformity in all our centres and no ambiguity. The Purple Turtle facilitators, trained at the Tree Room will handle the children with love and care. The centres will be places of joy & fun where learning will happen through play!

The Tree Room
The Tree Room will be the training room for the faculty.

We have ensured that we take on board faculty which is warm, positive and trained. The Tree Room will be the training room for the faculty to ensure that the team is updated on the current teaching styles and are totally trained on Phonics and skill-based teaching.

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